Level III Gives the practitioner

  • The opportunity to learn & understand about the emotional and mental aspect of their patients Thinking and feeling is closely connected with the health and the vitality of a person.

  • To understand how a person thinks and feels and whether it is affected by unwanted energies.

  • Advanced tools to discover (sensing) of disturbing, negative thought forms, and other negative energy influences. Negative, unwanted energies are extracted very quickly through the application of these new methods.

  • How to maintain our Mental and Emotional hygiene

  • To see clearly the way someone acts in daily life: stress, irritation, anger, discontent, worry, depression, panic, the inability to handle difficult situations & also how a person interpreting the reactions of other people. These reactions Shapes the person emotionally, as seen from the energy side, and gives the form in which a person lives out their feelings in everyday life.

It also Gives an expression of his/her own Energy Field

If negative, unwanted energies cloud the perception of a person, then there will be unhealthy reactions


  • To recognize:

- negative, unwanted energies

- negative thought forms

- elementals & energy entities that affecting the perception of the person/patient.

  • Very quickly, to recognize & have deeper understanding of the actions & factors that all these affects the emotional and mental state of their patients.

When someone is affected by negative energies, often feels sick, uncomfortable and have little energy, because the flow of energy in the energy field stops. This often causes a blockage and no-correct behavior. With the new techniques learned in Level III, unwanted energies can be erased and the patient fills again with healthy, fresh & radiant energy.

Workshop Duration: 8-10 hours or 1.5 days

Requirements for participation: Yoga Prana Vidya Level II